• Here is the film I did production design for:

    "An extraordinary homeless couple crash the strangest, yet humorous, 12 step meeting in Hollywood."

    I had the honor of working with some incredibly talented people towards the end of my summer. E.M. Fredric is an incredible writer and actress and I was happy to do the Production Design and Illustrations for the film's puppets/ credits.

    We got this shot in the Annex Building of Art Center and from writing time to final edit was done in a month and a half!!!! Shot in 28 hours! Record time, Cheers to everyone in this project: E.M. Fredric, Dana Michael Woods, Ralph Guzzo, Emery Emery, Catherine Carlen, Paul Jacek, Dylan Bocanegra, Heather Henderson & Andy Goldberg, Dave Edison, Robert Herrera, Bob Nuchow, Rohan Ali, Jacob Ross. Working with Scott LAnd was also a treat the lead puppeteer from Team America: World Police (2004)

    Special thanks to Tim Flattery and Ross LaManna without their help this film wouldn't be. This film will be touring quite a few film festivals across the US and even in Australia fingers crossed for Sundance!!!

  • Here is the Time Lapse I recorded over about 5-6 hours:




    This originally started out as the "birth" of Gojira as he was in a somewhat fetal position during my posing and I felt no one had ever really tackled him underwater. Quickly this evolved into taking the iconic scene of Gojira's death from the original 1954 movie and combining the two hence birth/ death.



    I was always a fan of the Rocketeer, and I always wish he had a proper nemesis.
    So I created the German Rocketeer.

  • 6.5x6.5ft
    This took time over the course of a month to knockout with the help of a 
    close friend Duncan Valore. Done entirely in Charcoal/ Pastel and 
    Pencil with Butcher Paper. This currently hangs at Atlantic Aviation
    terminal in Santa Monica next to Mr. Ford's Private Hangar.

    Portrait/ Study of the gorgeous Rosario Dawson


    NC Wyeth Study


    Gerber Baby Mixed Media

    Based on a photo shoot done by E.M. Fredric. The model had a
     double mastectomy and chose not to have reconstructive surgery. 
    This series is about giving women empowering choices about their bodies.
    This will be in my upcoming art show with a series of stencil works I have done.
    There are three pieces this being one of them. 

    I was commissioned by CHP (California Highway Patrol) to execute a piece on
     the First Lady of California Maria Shriver. Within this piece I decided to elaborate
     on her Minerva Award along with our California State flag combined with her love
     of the Santa Monica Pier near her residency with the Golden Gate bridge fading into the background.

                                          This is currently hanging in the offices of Ms. Shriver


    This piece depicts Conan at his most majestic state grabbing
     the bull by the horns in the clouds at MT. OLYMPUS among the god's 
    Andy Richter being Zeus!

    This Piece was in homage to the writers strike in
    which Conan took on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. 
    This image depicts Colbert and Stewart picking on Conan in a Three Stooges setting.

    These are currently hanging in his Warner Bros office in Burbank, CA



    I did this piece because music heals and Rod Stewart is an amazing entertainer.
     His career spans over 4 decades. Mr. Stewart is a thyroid cancer survivor and
     both he and his wife support cancer causes.

    On a personal note, my mother played Van Morrison's
     "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" at my father's funeral. 
    My father dedicated the song to her when it came out and Stewart made it a hit again.

    I believe the piece speaks for itself. It is to commemorate
    Dr. Ernie Bodai and his race to cure Cancer and spread awareness.
    I had the honor of meeting Dr Ernie Bodai, he is one of the most down to
    earth and well spoken gentlemen I have ever met.

    The stencil takes his already successful Breast Cancer Stamp
    and his up and coming men's Prostate Cancer Stamp and collages
     them with the USPS logo which will take his message and spread it across the world.

  • Dylan Bocanegra
    (818) 565-9855

    Art Center College of Design – Entertainment Design Major – ‘14
                Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) Major - Visual Arts 2009
                Concept Design Academy
                CalArts Summer Program

                “Mad Max: Fury Road” – Feature Film – Concept Artist
    “Gulliver Quinn” – TV Movie - Art Department PA
                “Short & Morty” – Short Film - Production Designer, Illustrator
    “Clorox” – 8 Spots for Clorox – Scenic Artist
    “Time Machine Chef” – Pilot ABC Family – Storyboard Artist & Set Designer
    “Orbit Gum: The Apple Bob” – Commercial – Art Department, Illustrator & Rigger
    “Chemistry” –HBO– Illustrator
                “Pretty Little Liars” – WB – Art Department, paid intern, artwork used for aired shows.
    GameStop - Educating customers on games, cash register, customer relations, special events.
                The Tolucan Times - overall office, graphics, phones, i.e. Student job.
    Activision gaming panel, on call since age 14, to pre-test games for retail.
                Dragonbooks Antiquarian Book store, artwork for windows for all holidays in ‘09.

                CHP – Stencil for 1st Lady Shriver, gift.
                Copy of Martin Luther King, Jr./Harvey Milk piece for Curtis Porter in Washington, D.C.
    Movie poster - current. Producer, Rosemary Marks and director, Adrian Carr.
    Logos: for Venrez, Midmourn, Boulevard 3 Nightclub, others on request.
    Sold pieces for LAPD PAL to raise scholarship monies for kids.
    Non-profits I’ve worked at: weSPARK, GettLove, Memory Centers, Camp Ronald, i.e. From driving golf carts, IT, sound, phones, stage, performing, i.e.

    Camp Counselor and Youth in Government with the YMCA in North Hollywood – mentor.


    Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver etc.), Microsoft Office/Enterprise (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.) Maya, Corel Painter, ZBrush. I can learn any program or skill quickly. I also design and build.

    Portfolio Web sites: